Switzerland, Zurich

Our second stop over was in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a nostalgic return to a city I had enjoyed when I lived in Switzerland in 1969/1970.  Not a lot has changed in the old part of the city and we enjoyed a wander through the winding cobbled streets, albeit in the drizzle. After a long night’s flight from Bangkok it was good to stretch the legs for a few hours before we fell into bed to sleep.

Typical of the old streets in Zurich

Cobbled streets, boutique shops, flags on old buildings and not a lot of traffic – these are the old streets I like so much.

One of Zurich’s famous cake and chocolate ‘tea rooms’

Yes, I have to confess, we did stop here for a cuppa and cherry tart.  It had to be cherry for Switzerland – it’s Kirsch capital.

Swiss flags flying from a house

So typical of the Swiss to fly their county’s flag on their buildings – and grow red geraniums on the window sills.

And yes, there was plenty of step practice for ‘the knee’!

Paintings on house walls

A beautiful painting on the wall of a house – another typical Swiss style of house decoration.

The Clock Tower of St Peters Church

As we stood beneath this clock, the bells peeled out – another sound I remember so well from my life in switzerland.

Beautiful simplicity of the interior of St Peters Church

This is the venue for many a music concert we attended when living in Switzerland.

The organ at St Peters Church

When I walked into the church, I was thrilled to hear once more the sounds of that organ. Someone was practicing and the sound really filled the building with life.

A cobblestone and lichen abstract

I quite possibly walked on theses very cobblestones many times while we lived here and on the many occasions we revisited Switzerland over the years. For something like 30 years it was our ‘second home’ – a place of work but also a place of familiarity.

The cobblestoned courtyard of houses near St Peters.

I love these courtyards in the old part of Zurich – places of serenity in a big city.

Petals in the rain

Even in the rain, these lace cap hydrangeas look resplendent.

Limmat River

On the banks of the Limmat River are the old guild halls of yesteryear, some now restaurants where I have eaten many a good meal.

Rising up behind are the twin towers of the Gross Munster – another place of many musical concert memories.

Serene swan

I think I probably fed this swan’s umpteen times x great great grandparents!

Ferry on the Lake

Such a shame it was raining – I had been looking forward to a cruise on the lake – but that was not to be this time.

Zurich Tram

There was only one thing for it – take a tram and then a train back to our hotel at the airport – and have a really good sleep before we go on to Ireland and the real focus of this travel adventure.

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