Africa: Nairobi 14 July 2012

[Finally, I’m in Nairobi,   Latitude:  -1.292,  Longitude:  36.822,  Elevation:  1663.2m (5456.8ft), is the capital of Kenya.  The population of Kenya is:  37,954,000 (est. 7/08) and it has an area of 582,650sq km.]

This is my catch up day.  I decided to arrive a day earlier than the group for that very reason.  This tour is described by Intrepid Travel as ‘Basix’.  That translates to a tour that has none of the inclusions that many travellers don’t want and accommodation at a 1-2 star rating – no fancy inclusion there either!  There is plenty of free time built in, optional activities and the freedom to choose meals to suit your budget – not that that is an option on this tour as there are no alternative places to get food other than from our own camp kitchen at most of our destinations.  All this has not turned out to be a surprise as I realised what I was in for – it was the itinerary that mattered most.  (It will be a tad different on the Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Island part of my time away.  I’m glad the tours are in the order they are as it is so much better to go up a peg than stepping down a couple.)

This, in part, is no doubt the reason why there was no butter at breakfast this morning!  Maybe I should have asked for margarine?  Nonetheless there was plenty to eat if only two cereals (corn flakes or Vita Brits), a couple of hot dishes (I never have a cooked breakfast), two kinds of fruit juice (mango or orange), slices of watermelon, honey dew and rock melon, brown and white bread and a couple of ‘Danish pastries’, to choose from.  Who needs more!

I’ve had time and the inclination to look around the grounds with a little better realisation of what I’m seeing this morning.  There are a number of tall eucalypts, casuarinas and Silky oaks along with palms, Bauhinia and Bougainvillea, Monstera, Hibiscus and some other tropical plants I recognise but don’t remember their names.  There is a decent sized swimming pool but as the temperature is only expected to get to 17 degrees today, I’ll give that volume of cold water a wide berth.

Kivi Milimani Hotel, Nairobi, Gardens and pool
P1080886 DY of jtdytravels

Apart from the Maribou storks I saw yesterday, there are quite a number of other birds around this leafy part of Nairobi.  Most frequent are the grey/buff chested crows/ravens.  They caw just like their relatives all over the world.  There are whistling kites, some ducks and numerous small birds that quickly flit through the foliage, that fast it is impossible to know what they even resemble.

There is a TV in my room but I haven’t bothered turning it on.  Of course, there is no mini bar, toiletries, except a small cake of soap, no extra blankets or tea making facilities.

I’ve done my washing and half sorted and repacked my bags.  It is not far off lunchtime.

There’s not a lot to doP1080887    ©  DY of jtdytravels

As in many African countries, there is a lot of just sitting around. So why don’t I join them? D

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