Denmark, Copenhagen, 1st August 2012

My first day in Copenhagen was Wednesday 1 August  – the day that all thoroughbred horses in Australia are deemed to be one year older.   Why?  So that horses can be standardized for age related races and other competitions, all horses turn a year older every year on the same day no matter what their actual birthdate – but you all knew that anyway. But did you know that in the northern hemisphere the date for horses to enjoy a birthday cake is 1st January?  I didn’t either!

So what did I do on 1st August 2012? I walked for 3½ hours around the city of Copenhagen on a sightseeing and fact finding mission.

Tall masts (P1000018 © DY of jtdytravels)


Along the docks (P1000042 © DY of jtdytravels)

A quayside building   (P1000052 © DY of jtdytravels)

While I was out and about on my wanderings,  I found out all about the tram museum I hoped to visit and bought a pre-purchased train ticket to use the next day.  I had to work out which trains are met by a bus from the museum.  There are a number of trains and buses so I knew that something would work.  I also found the Radisson Blu Royal where I had to move to on Friday.  It’s a good half hour walk from my Clarion Hotel but as I would have around two hours to kill between checking out and checking in, that was OK.

The day was beautifully warm and sunny  – forgot my hat as it wasn’t sunny when I set out. Camera performed beautifully, as would be expected.  I had my free afternoon cup of coffee so I settled down and see if I could upload some African ‘dymusings’.

My hotel was the Clarion Collection Hotel Neptun, at Sankt Annae Plads 14-20, Copenhagen.  I found it on Wotif.  It’s a 250 year old brothel!  Now that may take some explaining but nothing compared to what would be required should it still be a practicing brothel!  I believe the place is quite legitimate – rooms are charged for by the night, not by the hour!

It was not a particularly up-market hotel but very adequate and as they serve breakfast, afternoon tea and a light dinner, it makes for a very convenient place to stay, and not having to bother about food, makes it even more so!  And all that is included in the very reasonable tariff.

The light dinner was a lovely spread: a soupy thing (thick), rice cooked to perfection with a topping of very finely chopped herbs, 3 or 4 different FRESH breads, (a novelty after Africa), salads, pestos, peanuts, savoury biscuits and 3 or 4 different cheeses and sliced cold meats. And of course, there are all the pickled things that Scandinavians like.  More than adequate!  There were beers on offer, 2 Australian wines and a Californian Zinfandel at the equivalent of $10 a glass.  Probably much the same as at home!  I had a glass of the Zinfandel as I can have the Peter Lehmann at home anytime.

I’m afraid my mind did not stay easily on the writing/ blogging job at hand.  There was some soprano warbling somewhere within my earshot – far, far too close for my comfort.  She was still going an hour and 20 mins after she started!  If there was a pharmacy close by I would have bought their entire stock of pain relief medication and offered it to her as she must have been in extreme pain to be uttering such sounds!She’s still going, an hour and 20 mins after she started! I hoped that guests might all be spared the agony on the next night as her throat would hopefully be too sore to perform – I fear not though.    D

Photography Copyright © DY of jtdytravels

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