Denmark, Copenhagen, 2nd August 2012


Whilst in Copenhagen, I wanted to go to the Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum which is run by the Danish Tramway Historical Society.  The museum, housed in a castle,  has a fleet of more than 100 vehicles which includes trams and buses. Many of the vehicles are operational, while others are being restored by members of the Society.

The museum’s web site is

Some of you might remember that, in 2005, the Victorian Government gave one of Melbourne’s iconic green and cream W class trams to Prince Frederick and ‘our Mary’ as a special gift. As there probably wasn’t quite enough room for a large tram at the Castle in Copenhagen, it is housed at the above museum which has a collection of trams from around the world. They now have one there from Australia, too. Fred and Mary own the tram and can take their kids to play on it any time they like. I hope they have better luck in getting to the museum than I did.

My attempt to get to the Danish Tram museum had to be aborted!  I took a bus from the hotel to the railway station, all in good time, waited for my train on the right platform at the right time and along it came.  No problems, so far.  Got off at the right station, Borup, and waited for the museum bus.  It never came!  I asked at a nearby chemist if they knew anything about THE BUS, they didn’t and to make matters worse they gave me a bum steer by saying that one of the local buses would take me there, just ask the driver!  I tried that suggestion but one driver either didn’t or wouldn’t speak to me in English and the other wasn’t interested but didn’t go there anyway.

Along came the next bus which was driven by a nice lady driver who said another guy had asked her exactly the same question yesterday.  She knew something about the museum and explained that the Museum didn’t have the money necessary to buy the fuel to run the buses so I would have to get back on the train and go one more station along the line or get back on the train heading to Copenhagen and go one station back in that direction.  I seemed to be in no-mans land where I was.  From either of those stations I could get a local bus that would take me to within about 2km of the museum!  The walking distance was no real problem for me.  But she offered yet another  choice.  If I got onto her bus, she would take me to a place where I could wait a further 50 minutes to catch another bus and so on.  There seemed to be too many difficulties and if there was no fuel to run the buses to get people to the Museum, what else wouldn’t be working, even if I eventually got there?

I decided to cut my loses and head back to Copenhagen on the next available train.  I had blogs to do, didn’t I?   While waiting at Borup Station, I looked around, and found a couple of ‘weeds’ to photograph.


Chicory with insects (P1000062 © DY of jtdytravels)


“Bees to the honey pot!” (P1000065 © DY of jtdytravels)

Even weeds can be beautiful. A weed is really just a plant out of place.

I think it was a bit after 13h00 when I walked in the door of my room after a 130km trip.  However, I did see a bit of Denmark I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.  Must say, what I did see wasn’t very exciting.

It was 3o’clock in no time at all and that meant ‘free’ afternoon tea time, so I took my newly acquired decent sized mug with me and found out that it can hold 3x cappuccinos as dispensed from the machine.  This provided a much better result than one push of the button that filled the piddly little cups provided.   I just had to hit the button three times in a row and hey presto! – a MUG of coffee worth attacking.

Some hours later;  that canary was singing again – for the second night in a row!  And people were clapping!!!!!!  So she kept singing!!!!  Heaven help me!!!!!  D

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