Denmark, Copenhagen, 3rd August 2012

This was my rest day, the day that I moved to the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.  My room there was bright and airy with a big king bed and hot and cold running water – so that was 4 days in a row! Luxury! The view looked out over a railway station to the city beyond.

View from my room at Radisson Blu Royal   (P1oooo68 © DY of jtdytravels)


I had left my old cargo pants in a bin in Africa, I wasn’t going to wash them again or get any more wear out of them.  So I needed to purchase a replacement pair in Copenhagen. I had noticed a Department store just near the station I had initially arrived at, so I navigated myself to the Mens Section where I bought a pair of LADIES cargo pants.  The very helpful guy said he sold more pairs to guys than women – but perhaps that was not unusual as I was in the Mens Department!  Tried them on, fitted OK; they have a zip and do up as I would expect.  So I again had three pairs of trousers in my ‘wardrobe’ to select from.

There was just one small problem. The length of the legs had to be determined by the purchaser.  Cotton, spare press studs etc. were supplied in a small plastic bag attached to the waist band, but no needle or scissors to cut off the excess leg material.  The needle problem was solved as I have a traveller’s ‘housewife’ kit in my bag.  But no scissors. So now I have a double thickness of material almost up to my knees on the inside of the legs!  At least it will be warm if it gets cold!  All that fussing and sewing and they cost me about $200 – but I should get $40 back through duty free at the airport on departure.  They are them the same price for an equivalent pair, of the same quality, at home – perhaps a tad more – but I just had to have a replacement pair for the ones left in the bin in Rwanda.

While sewing, I watched the news and on that I heard about the outbreak of Ebola Virus in Uganda – such a terrible thing. I was there but in a different part of the country!

As I waited for the arrival of the rest of the group, I snooped on the ‘net to see what time their plane would arrive.  What I found was a web site where you can punch in a flight number and get the live details of that flight, just as you do if you are on the actual flight and you’re following the Flight Path option on the in-flight entertainment. Amazing!  D


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