USA: Alaska # 31 Sitka’s Tlingit Museum


Sitka National Historical Park gives visitors like us, not only the opportunity to discover the poles, but also to wander along quiet wooded paths in the forest by the bay.


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Under the towering conifers in the forest were several clumps of pink orchids.


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At several places along the paths you can go out to the shingle beaches by the bay.


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A lovely view back to the town and harbour from the park.


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At the entrance to the forest is a visitor centre surrounded by a a small garden with plants such as this geranium… always a lovely addition to any garden.


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And hedge roses are a feature, too.


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Before we went into the visitor centre, it was time for a much needed toilet break… and imagine our surprise to see this sign on the baby change room table. A little touch of Australia so far from home!

I was delighted to find that, housed within the visitor centre, is a completely independent Native non-profit organisation, the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center (SEAICC). Established in 1969, it aims to help visitors learn the history and understand the culture of the native Sitka Tlingit community.

As modern times have distanced the Tlingits from their old lifestyle, the SEAICC also provides a studio in which artists can learn and practice their traditional crafts.


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Many Tlingit artifacts have been donated by local clans who have wanted to make sure that their culture will continue to be remembered. I was fascinated by the many embroidered banners, weavings and baskets. I’ll leave you to enjoy them, too.


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After our visit to the museum, it was time for most of our fellow passengers to go out to the airport for homeward flights. But we had chosen to stay the night in Sitka, so we had a little more time to explore the old town on our own. More of that anon.

Jennie and David

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