USA: Alaska # 33 Flight Sitka to Seattle

After a quiet morning in Sitka, it was time to take the small shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport to prepare for our flight back to Seattle. There had been some problems with flights but they all seemed to be ones going to Juneau… not ours. Thankfully.


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A large information board in the small airport had this map of the Inside Passage. While waiting, we were able to check out the route we’d taken on the ‘Sea Lion’ and get an overview of the islands we would fly over on our way to Seattle. I had an eastern side window seat so was in a great position to take photos… so here we go!


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Lots of small planes filled the tarmac area of the airport… the only form of transport out of Sitka, unless you go by sea. Many Alaskans have their own small planes.


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From the runway… a view of the bay and the mountains beyond.


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As we circled to leave the airport, we had a good final view of Sitka.


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Leaving Sitka and its many islands behind.


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A stream entering the Inside passage.


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Island in the Passage. It’s possible we passed by these on our journey.


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Flying over the shipping channels at the lower end of the Inside Passage.


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Patterns of timber getting and forestry tracks.


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Mountain peaks of western British Columbia.


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More rugged, snow topped mountains.


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Inlets carving into the mainland of Canada.


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Possibly oyster leases… or something like that.


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More mountains… always a delight to see when flying.


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A deep quarry scarring the environment.


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Rafts of logs lined up along the Canadian coast.


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A wonderful halo effect around the shadow of our plane.


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Possibly the southern end of Vancouver Island. I couldn’t tell exactly.


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A northern Seattle marina. Sailing is very popular in this area.


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Abstract art on the waters; krill or pollution? I’m not sure.


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Lakes like these near Seattle were excavated by glaciers. Now they are no longer filled with ice but by a myriad of pleasure boats and yachts of all sizes.


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At last Seattle. Looking down on the CBD and its high rise buildings.


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Anyone for a game of football or baseball!


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A smaller airport near to the main international airport.

Time to put the camera away and prepare to land.


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A 45 minute train journey from the airport took us to Seattle city. A short walk, and we were ensconced in our hotel looking out at glass and concrete instead of trees!


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Darkness fell and the moon came up as we looked at maps and brochures for things to do to keep us happily and busily occupied for the next few days. More of that anon.

Jennie and David

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