Thailand: Ratchaprapa DamKhao Sok National Park

After a night with not much sleep because of the high humidity, I was not really in the mood for a traditional spicy Thai breakfast, so opted for some French toast, fresh fruit and coffee.  T’was a good idea… there’d be plenty of occasions I was sure when the only option would be a spicy Asian breakfast with no light options.


The aim for the day was to travel by mini bus to Ratchaprapa dam in NP Khao Sok and from there to take a boat cruise to a cave system.


Morning mist, hence the name of our lodgings, hung over the karst mountains that form a dramatic backdrop for the Resort’s dining room. Not a bad view for breakfast!


The Ratchaprapa Dam was built so hydro-electricity could be produced.  Once at the dam we boarded long narrow boats for a cruise.


The dam is a popular tourist destination.


Another dramatic backdrop.


The bow of our wooden boat was decorated with colourful ribbons.


The surrounding mountains have been heavily eroded over the millennia.


Some parts of the steep slopes have collapsed, forming caves.


Dense tropical forest has established itself on the lower slopes.


Where parts of the soft rock have given way, the steep sides form dramatic openings.


It was a magical cruise.


Some trees have inevitably been lost to the waters of the dam.


Yours truly enjoying the day.


Tropical growth hung on grimly to the steep sides of pinnacles of rock..


A couple of fishermen’s huts stood looking rather lonely at the head of a small bay. Here, we were able to clamber off our boats onto the ‘beach’ for a bit of a walk.


I could see our boat more clearly once on shore.


It was good to get out, stretch our legs and look back at the way we’d come.


A short walk allowed me time to look for small animals and flowers.


An unknown shrubby plant.


A bracket fungus growing on a fallen dead branch.


Tiny flowers are hidden within the colourful bracts of this member of the ginger family.


After our leg stretch, we climbed back on board to be taken to the next part of our cruise… to explore some caves.  More of that anon.


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