Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur: Twin Towers

After a long, long day travelling from Penang to Kuala Lumpur, it was good to stretch our legs on a local walk not too far from the hotel.

DSC03436.JPGOur first exploration was in a busy, vibrant local market.


The ceiling was light and bright.


A light shade showing many different shades of light.


After wandering in the Central Market for awhile, we caught a train for just four stations to visit the famous KL Petronas Twin Towers. It sort of hurts your neck to look up at these amazing twin towers with their joining walkway.


The front entrance was all but blocked off with important looking vehicles including an ambulance, and lots of police.  We learned that the Malayasian Prime Minister was visiting for some reason or other.  Anyway, it was a cloudy, smoggy day, so nobody wanted to pay the price to be hurtled to the top in one of the high-speed lifts.


An impressive line of fountains leads towards the main doors of the Towers.


With my back to the building, the fountains and pools disappear into the distance.


We wandered around the plaza shops for a bit before walking through to the back of the building where there’s a shallow lake.  A light and sound show takes place as it gets dark, so we waited around for that.


Every colour in the rainbow was used to highlight the twisting and pulsating fountains.


‘Twas a delightfully colourful show.


Water patterns constantly changed.  The colourful fountains spurted, squirted, spun and twisted to very loud music. 


The performance lasted around 5 minutes and was no doubt repeated on the half hour.


By the time the light show finished on the fountains, the Towers had taken over. Quite a sight!


After the show, we returned by train to Chinatown where flower stalls were still doing business. On the way back to the hotel, tired after a long day, we stopped at a stall to buy some food for ‘dinner’… noodles and a large Tiger beer for AUD8. It was just a short walk back to our hotel where we arrived at 21.45, more than ready for bed.

More of our time in KL anon.


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