Nepal: Chitre; One of the Song Program Intervention Areas

While David was back in Pokhara, he was able to send through a couple of photos of his visit to the school at Chitre… the children there had taken part in the singing intervention program.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.33.30 PM

As you can see from this Google images shot, the terrain between David and Binod’s ‘home base’ at Ranja Deurali (bottom centre) and Chitre (top right) is not an easy walk… and walk it was as there are no roads… unless of course you go right back down to the valley… and that’s a very rough, tortuous road anyway.  To show you the sort of walk, I’ll add one of Binod’s video You Tube links at the end of this post.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.35.17 PM

Another closer up Google maps aerial shot shows the area of Chitre. People are scattered throughout the area. Binod took his intervention program to 49 ‘places’ in the area ranging from small settlements of 12 houses to isolated farms. In all he covered 390 homes and the program in Chitre area involved 1,042 people. (In the Ramja Deurali area, which has somewhat larger settlements of up to 25 houses, a total of 1,327 people from 421 houses were involved.) Every house received the visual poster of ways to improve maternal health and pregnancy and everyone had the opportunity to be involved… most were more than happy to do so.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.44.27 PM

The above photo from the web looks into the Chitre valley.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.42.23 PM

The school was built with the help of volunteers in 2013. Chitre is on one of the newer ‘treks’ in Nepal and has thus had some interest from visitors in the last few years. The school was solidly built and was not damaged in the earthquake. It’s a big asset to the children of the area.


Inside, the school is not quite what we are used to, but they do have a school… and how could you not fall instantly in love with these bright eyed children. There up to 35 children per class.


You may not instantly recognise the man handing out books and pens to some younger children…  It’s David dressed in his bespoke Nepali outfit! In Nepali, the white trousers are called ‘SURWA’, the top is a ‘DAURA’, and the long waist coat is an ‘ASKOT’. And, of course, there’s a hat to add to David’s men’s hat collection that adorns the lounge in our home.

One thing that we  try to do when visiting such countries, is to give books, pens and pencils to little schools like this… but we always buy them in country to add to the local economy.


And here’s David, dressed Nepali style, on the track to Chitre school (blue roof).

An earlier walk that Binod did from Ramja Deurali to Chitre as shown on the following You Tube site recorded a couple of months ago.

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