Nepal: Messages through Song and Dance

Singing and dancing are common features of everyday life in rural Nepal. The method of intervention for this project was to use that traditional way of passing on the mores of these rural villages. The local people of all ages prepared words about how to improve maternal health outcomes. These songs were to be sung to traditional tunes.


With a goal of just six songs to be prepared by local primary school children, like these, it was exciting to witness whole communities become involved in the preparation of songs, with twenty six songs rather than just six.


These were prepared by not just the young children, but also by adolescents, teachers, mothers, grandmothers, health workers and small family groups.

Here are some of the words that were prepared and sung:

“Let us ensure four check ups at the health post; First Natal visit in the fourth month, then on sixth, eighth and ninth month.

Let us feed the pregnant woman four times a day to save the lives of both mother and baby. Feed nutritious food at home. Fruits and meat are essential. Take iron tablets.

Care and support should be given by husband and mother-in-law.

Do not keep weight on your feet for a long time. Get rest by laying on the bed.

Do not let pregnant women engage in long and heavy work.

Inform health workers four weeks in advance. Arrange for money (to transport woman).

Let us make sure of a trained delivery.”

These are the translated words of just one of the songs.


And all ages became involved in the presentation of the songs to their communities.


The project became ‘owned’ by the community.


With such involvement from everyone, it’s possible now to expect some really good outcomes for improving maternal health in the area. 


It’s possible to hope that the current awful morbidity rate will be lowered and that many more mothers and their babies will live to be part of their communities.

Today’s photos were taken from David’s video of the project. We are currently involved in the process of preparing his videos for public presentations… and eventually to be shared with others on You Tube.

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  1. Mitzi Eisenberg says:

    Bravo for your noble work!

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