Australia, Sydney, VIVID Light Spectacular at Circular Quay

The Light Spectacular that we enjoyed at Sydney’s Circular Quay indeed lived up to its name of VIVID.  Sandstone buildings were transformed with great splashes of changing colour and patterns. I hope these photos and videos portray a sense of the experience.

Sydney’s ‘Customs House’ as seen every day      ©   JT  of   <>

This is how the beautiful old Customs House building at Circular Quay looked when we went inside to see Alexia Sinclair’s art exhibition.  (see previous JT’s Jottings)  After dinner, we came out to find the building transformed by an ever changing laser display.

The Customs House ‘VIVID’ Laser Display – JT #1       ©   JT  of  <>

Customs House ‘VIVID’ Laser Display – JT #2       ©    JT   of   <

Museum of Contemporary Art – VIVID – JT # 1       ©   JT    of   <>

The Museum of Contemporary Art was the ‘canvas’ for a wonderful technological display of colourful and ever changing dynamic contemporary abstract laser art – a joy to watch.

These two short videos show how the abstract art changes during the VIVID laser display.

Museum of Contemporary Art – VIVID – JT # 2      ©   JT   of   <>

Museum of Contemporary Art – VIVID – JT # 3      ©   JT   of   <

Museum of Contemporary Art – VIVID – JT # 4       ©   JT   of   <

Museum of Contemporary Art – VIVID – JT # 5      ©   JT   at   <

Museum of Contemporary Art – VIVID – JT # 6      ©   JT   of   <>

The Opera House – VIVID – JT # 1      ©   JT   of <>

The sails of the iconic Opera House had a much more modest laser light treatment of a girl doing stylised movements over the sails.  At times the sails appeared to fill with wind and then collapse as the sails were ‘pulled down’ leaving just a black space.

Interaction Laser Displays VIVID – JT # 1     ©   JT   at   <

Viewers could use their hands on a small screen to move these huge origami shapes.

Velocipedes Angler Fish  VIVID – JT # 1    ©    JT   at   <>

There were several smaller fun displays like these bicycle cabs transformed into fish.

Velocipede Angler Fish VIVID – JT # 2      ©    JT   at   <>

Reflections at Circular Quay, Sydney      ©    JT   at   <>

Even the Ferry Terminals at the Quay and nearby hotels were lit up for VIVID’s display. The whole event was a spectacle enjoyed not only by the children but the ‘big kids’ too.

We hope that if you are in Sydney before June 11th, 2012, that you have the opportunity to experience this state-of-the-art laser technology used to project dynamic abstract art.

Photography  ©   JT  of  ‘jtdytravels’

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